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About IUCC

IUCC (Hebrew: מחב”א‎, MACHBA), was established in 1984 by Israel’s research universities. It operates as a non-profit organization. Through its centers and divisions, IUCC delivers communication and network infrastructure services, digital information services, learning technologies, as well as operating and handling all inter-university joint procurement and the legal aspects of operating Israel’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). IUCC promotes cooperation in these areas among member institutions, and between research institutes and organizations.

IUCC currently serves thousands of academic faculty members, approximately 120,000 students at Israel’s eight universities and thousands of students in regional and teachers’ colleges as well as researchers at numerous R&D organizations in Israel. IUCC collaborates with numerous international bodies. IUCC is a member of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), enabling high performance computing through world class compute resources available to Israeli researchers, and GÉANT, the ultra-fast and reliable pan-European communications infrastructure serving all of Europe’s research and education community.


IUCC strives to deliver high performance networking and digital technologies to our community of users and partners. This is accomplished though adopting new technologies and leveraging Israel’s vast intellectual assets to maximize potential to open and deliver optimal working methodologies.

By making the most advanced computing and information technologies available and providing access to world-class high performance computing assets throughout the world to Israeli academia and industry, IUCC plays a vital role in facilitating research across multiple disciplines and accelerating innovation cycles.




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